Status for: Vegetation Continuous Fields (MOD44)

General Accuracy Statement

Stage 3 validation has been achieved for the MODIS Vegetation Continuous Fields (VCF) product.

MODIS VCF (MOD44B) provides global sub-pixel estimates of land cover components (percent tree cover; percent non-tree vegetation; and percent non-vegetated) at 250 m spatial resolution. A global water mask (MOD44W) is also included as an embedded ancillary layer. The current version is Collection 6 (C6). All known issues with the product were addressed for the C6 reprocessing.

The Collection 5.1 tree cover product was validated to Stage 3 using high resolution satellite imagery with an error estimate of 11.5%. Independent analysis has found this may be higher in some areas where there was confusion between tree cover and very dense herbaceous cover. The MODIS Collection 6 processing used the same algorithm and training data as the previous collection and is also producing similar results to the C5.1 tree cover product. We are confident in assigning a similar error rate of 11.5% to the C6 tree cover and a validation level of Stage 3. Additional validation for C6 is currently underway.

Product status updated:  February 2024
Product version:  Collection 6.1
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