Collection 7 L1B changes to calibration have been delivered by MCST. The calibration testing with downstream products will begin in June 2021.

After the evaluation of the L1B calibration testing by the discipline teams, operational C7 geolocation and L1B processing is planned for the Fall of 2021. The land products will not begin C7 reprocessing until mid-2022. It is likely that these dates will change.



C61 reprocessing of Land products, with minor changes to the land algorithms using the C6.1 L1B as input, began in February 2020, with the exception of the MAIAC, VCF, Land cover and Phenology products. MODAPS is currently testing the MAIAC algorithm and is integrating code for the Land Cover and Phenology products. MODAPS is still awaiting delivery of the VCF algorithm.

Public release of C6.1 products began in Febuary 2021 and the plan is to complete reprocessing the entire archive by the end of 2021.

Note: The C6 Terra MODIS products, particularly the cloud products, were negatively impacted by optical crosstalk in the infrared bands (B27 – B30). Though the crosstalk issue was present from the beginning of the mission, its impact on the products were not significant until after year-2009, and became even more so following the MODIS Terra safe-hold in February of 2016. The C6.1 reprocessing implemented an approach to correct this crosstalk issue in the calibration from the beginning of the mission.


MODIS C6 Reprocessing

MODIS C6 Land reprocessing for existing products completed in the Spring of 2018. The new MODIS products (Evapotranspiration, MOD21 LST, DSR/PAR, MAIAC) were completed in the Spring of 2019.

Collection 6 forward processing is planned to be discontinued by the end of 2021.



MODIS Collection 5 land products were decommissioned as of 2018.



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