MODIS Land People

Science Team Members

Algorithm Maintenance & Refinement Name Institutional SCF link

Land Discipline Lead

Miguel Román


Land Discipline Co-Lead

Chris Justice

University of Maryland

Land Discipline Co-Lead

Sadashiva Devadiga


 PI, Net Photosynthesis

John Kimball

University of Montana

 PI, Surface Reflectance/Atmospheric Correction

Eric Vermote

University of Maryland

 PI, Vegetation Indices

Kamel Didan

University of Arizona

 PI, BRDF/Albedo

Crystal Schaaf

University of Massachusetts, Boston


Ranga Myneni

Boston University

 PI, Fire and Thermal Anomalies

Louis Giglio

University of Maryland

 PI, Snow and Ice Cover

Dorothy Hall

University of Maryland

 PI, Land Cover

Mark Friedl

Boston University

 PI, Vegetative Continuous Fields

Robert Sohlberg

University of Maryland

 PI, Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity

Glynn Hulley


 PI, MODVOLC: New Tools for Quantifying Global Volcanic Heat Fluxes and Delivering Data to the        Volcanological Community

Robert Wright

University of Hawai'i at Manoa

 PI, Long-term water reservoir Product        

Huilin Gao

Texas A&M University

 PI, Downwelling Surface Radiation/Photosynthetically Active Radiation        

Dongdong Wang

University of Maryland


Calibration and Validation

 Validation of Aqua and Terra Surface Reflectance Products Using the Radiometric Calibration Test Site        (RadCaTS)

Jeffrey Czapla-Myers

University of Arizona

 In-Flight Validation of ASTER and MODIS Mid and Thermal Infrared Data and ASTER Product        Maintenance and Refinement for Earth Science

Simon Hook




  Science Data Support Team (SDST)

  Land Quality Assessment (QA) Team