MODIS Land People

Science Team Members, 2014

Algorithm Maintenance & Refinement


Institution (SCF link)

 PI (Land Discipline Lead), Net Photosynthesis

Steve Running

University of Montana

 PI, Surface Reflectance/Atmospheric Correction

Eric Vermote

University of Maryland

 PI, Vegetation Indices

Kamel Didan

University of Arizona

 PI, BRDF/Albedo

Crystal Schaaf

University of Massachusetts, Boston


Ranga Myneni

Boston University

 PI, Fire and Thermal Anomalies

Louis Giglio

University of Maryland

 PI, Snow and Ice Cover

Dorothy Hall


 PI, Land Cover

Mark Friedl

Boston University

 PI, Vegetative Continuous Fields

John Townshend

University of Maryland

 PI, Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity

Zhengming Wan

UC Santa Barbara

 PI, In-Flight Validation of ASTER and MODIS Mid and Thermal Infrared Data and ASTER Product        Maintenance and Refinement for Earth Science

Simon Hook


 PI, MODVOLC: New Tools for Quantifying Global Volcanic Heat Fluxes and Delivering Data to the        Volcanological Community

Robert Wright

University of Hawai'i at Manoa


Calibration & Validation

 Validation of Aqua and Terra Surface Reflectance Products Using the Radiometric Calibration Test Site        (RadCaTS)

Jeffrey Czapla-Myers

University of Arizona


The Science of Terra and Aqua

 Incorporating a New Urban Dataset From SeaWinds Into a Multi-Sensor Analysis of Global Daytime and        Nighttime Urban Heat Islands

Steve Frolking

University of New Hampshire

 Fusing MODIS, Landsat and Geostationary Data for Daily Monitoring of Crop Condition and Water Use at        Field Scales

Feng Gao


 Characterizing and Understanding the Impact of Climate Warming on Large Inland Water Bodies

Simon Hook


 Defining a MODIS Light Use Efficiency Product

Karl Huemmrich

UMD Baltimore County

 A New MODIS (MOD21) Land Surface Temperature and Spectral Emissivity Product for Earth Science        Research

Glynn Hulley


 Long-Term Satellite Data Fusion Observations of Arctic Ice Cover and Methane as a Climate Change        Feedback

Ira Leifer

Bubbleology Research International

 Producing Incident Shortwave Radiation and Photosynthetically Active Radiation Products Over Land        Surfaces From MODIS and Multiple Geostationary Satellite Data

Shunlin Liang

University of Maryland

 Advancing MODIS Climate Data Records with Algorithm MAIAC

Alexei Lyapustin


 Near Real-Time Surface Water Extent and Flood Mapping

Fritz Policelli


 Developing and Testing the Dynamic Habitat Index From Terra and Aqua MODIS Data for Biodiversity
       and Conservation Science

Volker Radeloff

University of Wisconsin-Madison

 Optical and Radar Data Fusion for Flood Mapping

Fritz Policelli


 Near Real-Time Monitoring of Land Cover Disturbance by Fusion of MODIS and Landsat Data

Curtis Woodcock

Boston University

 Using Terra and Aqua to Forecast Changes in the Behavior of Earth's Active Volcanoes

Robert Wright

University of Hawai'i at Manoa

 Retrieval and Validation of fAPARchl From the MODIS Sensors Onboard TERRA and AQUA:
       A New Product

Qingyuan Zhang

Universities Space Research Association (USRA)


  Science Data Support Team (SDST)

  Land Quality Assessment (QA) Team

  Land Validation (LandVal) Coordination