Downwelling Surface Radiation/Photosynthetically Active Radiation (MCD18)

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Incident solar radiation over land surfaces, either photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) in the visible spectrum (400-700nm) or downward shortwave radiation (DSR) in the shortwave spectrum (300-4000nm), is a key variable required by almost all land surface models. Satellite DSR and PAR products are needed to address a variety of issues related to climate trends, hydrologic, bio-physical and bio-chemical modeling, solar energy applications, and agriculture.

Currently, global satellite radative flux products only exist at coarser resolutions of hundreds of kilometers to a degree. Few land surface global PAR products exist because most global radiative flux datasets do not include PAR, leaving users to empirically convert DSR to PAR. The conversion itself is a source of much uncertainty.

A suite of global high-resolution (5km) DSR and PAR products over land surfaces are generated from MODIS Terra and Aqua data. The new product suite consists of two gridded Level 3 products: MCD18A1 (Downward Shortwave Radiation) and MCD18A2 (Photosynthetically Active Radiation). MCD18A1 and MCD18A2 are combined Aqua and Terra MODIS products.




Product PIs: Dongdong Wang, Shunlin Liang

User Guide - C6.1



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Product Name

Downwelling Surface Radiation Daily L3 Global 5km

Photosynthetically Active Radiation Daily L3 Global 5km

Combined Aqua & Terra Product ID





   Wang, D., Liang, S., Zhang, Y., Gao, X., Brown, M., & Jia, A. (2020). A new set of MODIS land products (MCD18): Downward shortwave radiation and    photosynthetically active radiation. Remote Sensing, 12(1), 168, doi:10.3390/rs12010168.