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(January 2020)



If you are viewing this page, you have been redirected from the old MODIS Land Validation Team web site, which has been deprecated.

The MODIS Land Validation (LandVal) and MODIS Land team (MODLAND) web sites evolved separately, but both have been active since the early 2000's.

The MODIS Land Validation Team was a large, well-funded and concerted effort, pre- and post-MODIS launch, to collect validation data for the MODIS sensors. The associated web site was a place where these data and information were organized and made available to users. The LandVal web site was the primary link to access the many different data sets collected at the EOS Core Sites (including MODIS subsets), and also hosted the validation status pages, by product.

Many things changed over the years, for instance, Landsat data acquisitions (that we used to coordinate and provide access to over Core Sites) became freely available. Less and less 'new' Core Site data sets were collected in the latter half of the 2000's, and eventually, the core site data sets hosted at the LPDAAC were removed, sometime around 2015. The LandVal web site was active for 20 years, but more recently became mostly just a source for the MODIS Land Team product validation status (per web site traffic monitoring).

We have moved the product validation status from the LandVal web site into the MODIS Land Team web site. The validation status content for each land product is now hosted on MODLAND web site here under the Validation tab above. Please update any bookmarks to LandVal that you might have.

If you are looking for information that cannot be found here, please contact Jaime Nickeson (jaime.nickeson@nasa.gov).