Summary Results from:

Validation of the Consistent-Year V003 MODIS Land Cover Product
As they relate to the validation of MOD12

Authors: Mark Friedl

Source: Internal PI document

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The purpose of the MODIS land cover product validation activity is to provide information to users of our land cover data describing the accuracy of our classifications and their inherent error structure. We use two primary tools to assess the quality of our product: confusion matrixes and aggregations of confidence values. The confusion matrixes describe how well the training sites are classified when they are ³unseen² by the classifier, and so provide information on the accuracy of the classification process as applied to the training site database. The confidence values are generated by the classifier and indicate how well the pattern of spectral and temporal variation in annual observations of each pixel fits the examples of training data provided to the classifier. They may be treated as probabilities of correct classification, given the input training data. These tools are fully repeatable, and will be used to assess future releases of the land cover product.