Summary Results from:

Validation of MODIS fire product over Sumatra and Borneo using High Resolution SPOT Imagery
As they relate to the validation of MOD14

Authors: Soo Chin Liew, Chaomin Shen, John Low, Agnes Lim, Leong Keong Kwoh

Source: Proc. 24th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing & 2003 International Symposium on Remote Sensing

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We performed a validation study of the MODIS active fire detection algorithm using high resolution SPOT image as the reference data set. Fire with visible smoke plumes are detected in the SPOT scenes, while the hotspots in MODIS data are detected using NASA's new version 4 fire detection algorithm. The detection performance is characterized by the commission error rate (false alarms) and the omission error rate (undetected fires). In the Sumatra and Kalimantan study area, the commission rate and the omission rate are 27% and 34% respectively. False alarms are probably due to recently burnt areas with warm surfaces. False negative detection occur where there are long smoke plumes and where fires occur in densely vegetated areas.