Summary Results from:

Intercomparison of MODIS and Tower Eddy Flux-based Estimates of Gross Primary Production
As they relate to the validation of MOD17

Authors: Heinsch, F.A., J.S. Kimball, A.J. Oakins, M. Zhao, S. Kang, R. Nemani, and S.W. Running

Source: AGU 2002 - MODIS Land Products Session

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Using MODIS and eddy-flux estimates of Gross Primary Production (GPP) data from several climate regimes, we analyze the accuracy of the MODIS GPP (MOD17) algorithm. The standard MODIS Output uses coarse 1 degree resolution daily minimum air temperature and humidity from the NASA Data Assimilation Office (DAO) as a control on the photosynthetic assimilation of atmospheric CO2. We evaluate the sensitivity of MODIS outputs to input meteorology by using both DAO and site-based daily weather information to calculate GPP from the standard MODIS GPP Algorithm as part of an on-going validation effort for the MOD17 Algorithm.